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Commoflage English Edition 10 – The Last Ever Episode, Probably

fredag, juni 7th, 2019

This is it; the last ever episode, probably. The end of the line, the… I don’t know, list whatever metaphores you think of here. Almost 36 minutes rounds off this podcast, so, you know… click play. A torrent with the complete set of episodes will be available later.

Track list
0:03:21 NecroPolo – Zoom (NecroPolo C64 Hypercharger remix)
0:06:33 Johan Andersson – Ghosts and Goblins (spooky shuffle mix)
0:09:32 Klaus Wunderlich – Ding A Dong – Dangerous Dreams
0:10:31 Retro Brothers – Terra Cresta (feat. Martin G)
0:13:59 SHEN LON – Last Ninja Wilderness loader
0:17:28 MRT – Atmosphere
0:20:27 Jeroen Tel – Atmosphere
0:20:58 Vaggelis Papadopoulos – Monty on the Run (rock-metal cover)
0:27:03 SHEN LON – International Karate
0:32:22 Johan Andersson – Hawkeye (cyborg vocal mix)

Commoflage English Edition 09 – Chris Abbott & the 8-bit Symphony

söndag, december 16th, 2018

For this episode I had a nice chat with Chris Abbott, the man behind several C64 remix CDs, live shows and kickstarters bearing the name ”Back In Time”. Following the latest kickstarter, ”Back In Time Symphonic Collection”, there will be a live symphonic orchestra concert with no less than 80 (!) musicians on stage performing a fantastic selection of Commodore 64 tunes! Find out all about it here, clear your schedule for June 15th 2019, buy a ticket and get to Hull City Hall in Hull, England. It’s just that easy. Also, the episode is nearly 64 minutes long, so there’s that.

A whole bunch of links that you need:
Hull Theatres tickets and info
The Back In Time Symphonic Collection Kickstarter
The Ben Daglish legacy fundraiser

Commoflage EE: English Edition – 08: Ben Daglish

lördag, oktober 6th, 2018

I had other plans. But I’m sure he did too. So, instead of celebrating 7 years of Commoflage, I am celebrating the music of Ben Daglish in this episode. Ben passed away on October 1st 2018 from lung cancer, and I personally hold him as one of the greatest SID composers of all time. Join me for a little more than an hour of my favourite tunes of his.

Commoflage EE: English Edition – 07

söndag, september 2nd, 2018

He’s back – the man behind the can (of Pepsi) and he’s out of control! Babbling about puppets, weird keyboards, SID composing tricks, and not even mentioning Rob Hubbard. Insane! Devote 35 minutes of your time to the new episode of Commoflage, die englische Ausgabe! Also, here’s a link I will tell you about:

Track list
Martin Galway – Wizball (Subtune 7, SID)
Johannes Bjarregaard – Eagles (Subtune 1, SID)
Chris Huelsbeck – R-Type (Subtune 1, SID)
Martin Walker – Armalyte (Subtune 1, SID)
Reyn Ouwehand – Flimbo’s Quest (Subtune 1, SID)
Reyn Ouwehand – Flimbo’s Quest Live At The Church
Roland Rat – No 1 Rat Fan
Martin Galways – Roland’s Rat Race (Subtune 1, SID)
Rat District – Rolands Ratrace (80s Disco Remix)
iRiDiUm – Wizball High Score – The Celebrations

Commoflage EE: English Edition 06: Rambo

lördag, augusti 11th, 2018

Here it is, the episode I’ve all been waiting for – The Rambo: First Blood Part II special! Featuring things like music from the game, the film and remixes, plus actual facts about things that I haven’t made up on the spot! Also it’s the shortest episode so far, which is something I can try to be proud of.

Track list
Martin Galway – Rambo First Blood Part II, SID Subtunes 1, 2, 4, 7, 9, 10, 22
Jerry Goldsmith – Main Title (Rambo First Blood Part II OST)
Amok – Rambo First Blood Part II
Frank Stallone – Peace In Our Life (Rambo First Blood Part II OST)
Marcel Donné – Rambo (High Score), SIDologie (2003)
Johan Andersson – Rambo First Blood Part II (Title Theme)
Tron – Rambo Loader (Rambo’s Blue Monday Mix)

Commoflage EE: English Edition – 05

fredag, juli 13th, 2018

Hey! Stop everything for 45 minutes and get a load of the man – nay, the DOCTOR – Rob Hubbard himself. All of that epic and unique Hubbardness can be difficult to handle, I know. But I have faith in you, and you know that you will come out the other end a better person. A stronger person. A more Hubbardy person. And this is a good thing.

Track list
Rob Hubbard – Spellbound (SID), 1986
Rob Hubbard – Sanxion (Subtune 1, SID), 1986
Rob Hubbard – Zoids (SID), 1986
Synergy – Ancestors (from Audion, 1981)
Mano – Spellbound, 2018
Wobbler – Sanxion (Get To Tha Choppa Remix), 2017
Tokuro Fujiwara – Commando (Arcade), 1985
Rob Hubbard – Commando (Subtune 1, SID), 1985
Johan Andersson – Zoids, 2018
Simon Viklund – Meet With Enemy And Descend, 2008
Rob Hubbard – Commando (Subtune 2, SID), 1985
Martin Dodd – Commando (Bitrunner Blues Remix), 2017

Commoflage EE: English Edition – 04

söndag, juni 24th, 2018

The fourth English episode arrives like a thief in the night! It steals 51 minutes of your time, but in return you will hear classic SID tunes, an entirely new SID tune, movie soundtracks, a song of the north as well as some possibly made up facts. Grab a carbonated drink, whichever one you happen to think of, and ignore everything else around you for a while. You know it’s not that important anyway.

Track list
Anthony Lees, Rainbow Dragon (SID)
Anthony Lees, The Last Ninja – The Wilderness Loader (Subtune 1, SID)
Ben Daglish – Cobra (SID)
Sylvester Levay – Skyline
Martin Galway – Comic Bakery (Subtune 1, SID)
Martin Galway – Green Beret (Subtune 10, SID)
Johan Andersson – Green Beret vs Comic Bakery (Rock Salsa Mix)
Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400
David Whittaker – Lazy Jones (Subtunes 7, 20, 21, SID)
Electronic Ensemble – It Happened Then
LMan – Monofail (SID)
Hasse Axelsson – Bourree from Suite no 1 in F major for SID chip (SID)
Inga-Maret Gaup Juuso – Davas (From The North)
Shen Lon – Green Beret Loader (Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow)

Commoflage EE: English Edition – 03

måndag, juni 18th, 2018

It’s again the return of the edition which is English from the podcast which is named Commoflage! In episode number three, we finally reach The Last Ninja. Some Hubbard guy is omnipresent, but we also give some love to the one like Galway… Set aside at least 51 minutes, because if you don’t it will not be enough.

Track list
Martin Galway – Game Over (SID), 1987
Anthony Lees – The Last Ninja, Palace Gardens Loader (Subtune 2, SID), 1987
Ben Daglish – The Last Ninja, The Wilderness (Subtune 7, SID), 1987
Shen Lon – The Last Ninja Wilderness, 2017
Rob Hubbard – Sigma Seven (SID), 1987
Rob Hubbard – The Human Race (Subtune 4, SID), 1986
MRT – Sigma 7, 2017
Mordi – The Human Race, 2017
Satan’s Cheerleaders – The Last Ninja: Palace Gardens Loader, 2017
Westerling – Game Over, 2005
Traxer – Fist II (Band In The Rain), 2006

Commoflage EE: English Edition – 02

fredag, juni 8th, 2018

Far sooner than later, episode 2 of the English Edition arrives! Because of Great Feedback from Great People, I was destined to continue with my Great Endeavour. This time you will learn about some of the variations in remixes there are out there in the wild. Take 44 minutes off, because the party has started!

Matt Gray – Hunter’s Moon (SID), 1987
Mark Cooksey – Ghosts’n Goblins (SID, Subtune 2), 1986
Wobbler – Hunter’s Moon (The Four By Four Thingie), 2018
Johan Andersson – Ghosts’n Goblins (Surf Mix), 2017
Rob Hubbard – Delta (SID, Subtune 12), 1987
Rune-Bertils – Delta, 2011
Fred Gray – Mission AD (SID, Subtunes 2 and 3), 1986
Robert Mansfield – Mission AD, 2005
Jonathan Dunn – Ocean Loader 5 (SID), 1988
Retro Brothers – Ocean Loader 5 Operation Dragon Wolf, 2018

Commoflage EE: English Edition – 01

måndag, juni 4th, 2018

It’s here! It has arrived. The end of times. Commoflage enters The International VGM Podcast Market (TIVGMPM) with a strong contender. Or at least, it’s a contender. Your host Henrik Andersson speaks perfect English, and through the magic of editing most of the time when he doesn’t is deleted. You shall listen to the 57 minutes of sounds, and then comment. Not the other way around, because that’s stupid. You’re not stupid, are you?

Check out Commoflage on Facebook: and also on Twitter:

Track list
Tron – Cybernoid II (Lime on 45 Remix), 2010
Jeroen Tel – Cybernoid II (SID, subtune 1), 1988
Nick Scarrim – Spy vs Spy (SID), 1984
Peter W – Spy vs Spy (Instrumental Version), 2007
Rob Hubbard – Nemesis The Warlock (SID), 1987
Martin Galway – Terra Cresta (SID), 1986
Hazel – Nemesis The Warlock, 2010
Colmarr – Terra Cresta, 2017
Neil Brennan – Fist II The Legend Continues (SID, Subtunes 2 and 3), 1986
Imbehiiri (PsyMi) – Fist II The Legend Continues, 2018
Julian Breeze – Thanatos, ZX Spectrum, 1987?
Rob Hubbard – Thanatos (SID), 1987
Reyn Ouwehand – Thanatos, 2003