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Commoflage English Edition 10 – The Last Ever Episode, Probably

fredag, juni 7th, 2019

This is it; the last ever episode, probably. The end of the line, the… I don’t know, list whatever metaphores you think of here. Almost 36 minutes rounds off this podcast, so, you know… click play. A torrent with the complete set of episodes will be available later.

Track list
0:03:21 NecroPolo – Zoom (NecroPolo C64 Hypercharger remix)
0:06:33 Johan Andersson – Ghosts and Goblins (spooky shuffle mix)
0:09:32 Klaus Wunderlich – Ding A Dong – Dangerous Dreams
0:10:31 Retro Brothers – Terra Cresta (feat. Martin G)
0:13:59 SHEN LON – Last Ninja Wilderness loader
0:17:28 MRT – Atmosphere
0:20:27 Jeroen Tel – Atmosphere
0:20:58 Vaggelis Papadopoulos – Monty on the Run (rock-metal cover)
0:27:03 SHEN LON – International Karate
0:32:22 Johan Andersson – Hawkeye (cyborg vocal mix)