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Commoflage EE: English Edition – 07

söndag, september 2nd, 2018

He’s back – the man behind the can (of Pepsi) and he’s out of control! Babbling about puppets, weird keyboards, SID composing tricks, and not even mentioning Rob Hubbard. Insane! Devote 35 minutes of your time to the new episode of Commoflage, die englische Ausgabe! Also, here’s a link I will tell you about:

Track list
Martin Galway – Wizball (Subtune 7, SID)
Johannes Bjarregaard – Eagles (Subtune 1, SID)
Chris Huelsbeck – R-Type (Subtune 1, SID)
Martin Walker – Armalyte (Subtune 1, SID)
Reyn Ouwehand – Flimbo’s Quest (Subtune 1, SID)
Reyn Ouwehand – Flimbo’s Quest Live At The Church
Roland Rat – No 1 Rat Fan
Martin Galways – Roland’s Rat Race (Subtune 1, SID)
Rat District – Rolands Ratrace (80s Disco Remix)
iRiDiUm – Wizball High Score – The Celebrations