Commoflage EE: English Edition – 05

Hey! Stop everything for 45 minutes and get a load of the man – nay, the DOCTOR – Rob Hubbard himself. All of that epic and unique Hubbardness can be difficult to handle, I know. But I have faith in you, and you know that you will come out the other end a better person. A stronger person. A more Hubbardy person. And this is a good thing.

Track list
Rob Hubbard – Spellbound (SID), 1986
Rob Hubbard – Sanxion (Subtune 1, SID), 1986
Rob Hubbard – Zoids (SID), 1986
Synergy – Ancestors (from Audion, 1981)
Mano – Spellbound, 2018
Wobbler – Sanxion (Get To Tha Choppa Remix), 2017
Tokuro Fujiwara – Commando (Arcade), 1985
Rob Hubbard – Commando (Subtune 1, SID), 1985
Johan Andersson – Zoids, 2018
Simon Viklund – Meet With Enemy And Descend, 2008
Rob Hubbard – Commando (Subtune 2, SID), 1985
Martin Dodd – Commando (Bitrunner Blues Remix), 2017

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