Commoflage English Edition 09 – Chris Abbott & the 8-bit Symphony

For this episode I had a nice chat with Chris Abbott, the man behind several C64 remix CDs, live shows and kickstarters bearing the name ”Back In Time”. Following the latest kickstarter, ”Back In Time Symphonic Collection”, there will be a live symphonic orchestra concert with no less than 80 (!) musicians on stage performing a fantastic selection of Commodore 64 tunes! Find out all about it here, clear your schedule for June 15th 2019, buy a ticket and get to Hull City Hall in Hull, England. It’s just that easy. Also, the episode is nearly 64 minutes long, so there’s that.

A whole bunch of links that you need:
Hull Theatres tickets and info
The Back In Time Symphonic Collection Kickstarter
The Ben Daglish legacy fundraiser

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