Commoflage EE: English Edition – 03

It’s again the return of the edition which is English from the podcast which is named Commoflage! In episode number three, we finally reach The Last Ninja. Some Hubbard guy is omnipresent, but we also give some love to the one like Galway… Set aside at least 51 minutes, because if you don’t it will not be enough.

Track list
Martin Galway – Game Over (SID), 1987
Anthony Lees – The Last Ninja, Palace Gardens Loader (Subtune 2, SID), 1987
Ben Daglish – The Last Ninja, The Wilderness (Subtune 7, SID), 1987
Shen Lon – The Last Ninja Wilderness, 2017
Rob Hubbard – Sigma Seven (SID), 1987
Rob Hubbard – The Human Race (Subtune 4, SID), 1986
MRT – Sigma 7, 2017
Mordi – The Human Race, 2017
Satan’s Cheerleaders – The Last Ninja: Palace Gardens Loader, 2017
Westerling – Game Over, 2005
Traxer – Fist II (Band In The Rain), 2006

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