Commoflage EE: English Edition – 01

It’s here! It has arrived. The end of times. Commoflage enters The International VGM Podcast Market (TIVGMPM) with a strong contender. Or at least, it’s a contender. Your host Henrik Andersson speaks perfect English, and through the magic of editing most of the time when he doesn’t is deleted. You shall listen to the 57 minutes of sounds, and then comment. Not the other way around, because that’s stupid. You’re not stupid, are you?

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Track list
Tron – Cybernoid II (Lime on 45 Remix), 2010
Jeroen Tel – Cybernoid II (SID, subtune 1), 1988
Nick Scarrim – Spy vs Spy (SID), 1984
Peter W – Spy vs Spy (Instrumental Version), 2007
Rob Hubbard – Nemesis The Warlock (SID), 1987
Martin Galway – Terra Cresta (SID), 1986
Hazel – Nemesis The Warlock, 2010
Colmarr – Terra Cresta, 2017
Neil Brennan – Fist II The Legend Continues (SID, Subtunes 2 and 3), 1986
Imbehiiri (PsyMi) – Fist II The Legend Continues, 2018
Julian Breeze – Thanatos, ZX Spectrum, 1987?
Rob Hubbard – Thanatos (SID), 1987
Reyn Ouwehand – Thanatos, 2003

2 Responses to “Commoflage EE: English Edition – 01”

  1. Ramtin Deyhim says:

    Really frikken awesome work. Keep it up!

  2. wertstahl says:

    My first time listening to Commoflage was very pleasant! Ye shall continue! Thanks!

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